Indira Gandhi November 19, 1917 - October 31, 1984 India's First Female Head Of Government And The World's Second, Indira Gandhi Was Responsible For Several Reforms Which Stood Out As A Sign Of Strength In An Otherwise Socialist India, Viz.

Her obsession with polka dots is well known. Monroe lived as an icon. While Whitbread could, and in fact, has done a variety of works, her primary focus remained domestic objects. Mrs. Audrey Hepburn May 4, 1929 - January 20, 1993 Hollywood's beauty with brains. It's practically impossible to compile a list of all women who have sydney building inspections made a difference to the society and the Plumbing Building subcontractors href=''>Click This Link world in general through their achievements, but the above-mentioned names are some of the shining lights of female contrivance and accomplishments. She worked on many reforms that ended such exploitation. Jane Adams September 6, 1860 - May 21, 1935 Adams was a prominent social worker who advocated resettlement for European immigrants Trades and opened the Hull House as a resettlement option for them. Babe Didrikson Zaharia June 26, 1911 - September 27, 1956 Didrikson was one of her kind - she originally started out as a basketball player and eventually evolved into a world-class golfer.

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She discovered two highly radioactive elements - polonium and radium - both or either of which form the base for modern-day nuclear technology. Anna Marie Tussaud 1 December 1761 - 16 April 1850 Anna Marie Tussaud was one of the best French wax sculptors and founder of the famous Madame Tussauds. Taylor started working as a child actor in many MGM monies and grew up to be a successful actress who went on to star in many successful Plumbing Sub contractors films. Roosevelt is often considered one of the most respected and admired women in the world. Mrs. In 1935, Irene was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize with her husband. Indira Gandhi November 19, 1917 - October 31, 1984 India's first female head of government and the world's second, Indira Gandhi was responsible for several reforms which stood out as a sign of strength in an otherwise socialist India, viz. Mrs. Lisa Meitner November 7, 1878 - October 27, 1968 Another pioneer in the field of radioactivity, Meitner co-discovered nuclear fission. Corazon Aquino January 25, 1933 - August 1, 2009 The first female president for any Asian country, and Philippines' most acclaimed and respected President, survived six political coups to topple her.